UNLV Medicine to stop curbside COVID-19 testing

frank lampard

UNLV is closing its curbside COVID-19 testing site because of intense summertime heat and because the Nevada National Guard will no longer be deployed to assist with the operation.

The last patients were tested Friday morning, said Dr. Michael Gardner, vice dean of clinical affairs for the UNLV School of Medicine.

UNLV started offering free nasal swab testing March 23 at its Shadow Lane campus in central Las Vegas. More than 18,000 people have been tested since then, according to a Thursday announcement on the university’s website.

It was the longest continuously operating COVID-19 testing site in Nevada and received significant support from the Nevada National Guard, the university said.

“With the removal of the Nevada National Guard, UNLV Medicine personnel will be reassigned to their respective clinics to manage increased patient visits,” according to the announcement. “The health care providers will continue to serve remaining patients who are awaiting

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InventHelp Inventor Develops Swim Fitness System for Small Pools (LST-1050)

frank lampard

PITTSBURGH, July 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Often a swimmer’s workout is limited by the small size of the pool that’s available. Fortunately, an inventor from Los Angeles, Calif., has conceived of a system that allows swimmers to remain in a fixed location in the water while taking swim strokes.

InventHelp Logo (PRNewsfoto/InventHelp)

He developed SWIM FREE to enable swimmers to practice strokes or do a cardiovascular workout in a limited amount of pool space. As such, it provides resistance to prevent forward movement allowing them to “swim in place.” Therefore, it eliminates the need for a large pool for distance swimming. Also, this convenient and effective system is affordably priced. Users will appreciate how lightweight, portable and easy to use it is as well. Another appealing feature is its versatility for use in different-sized pools.

The inventor’s personal experience inspired the idea. “I wanted to be able

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