Apothecary, A Harvard Skin Care Startup, Helps You Discover The Right Cosmetic Products

frank lampard

Finding the right skincare product is challenging, especially if you have an underlying condition. Given the thousands of products to choose from, it’s hard to select the skincare treatment that’s right for you. Even if you do, there’s the danger that the product could have unanticipated side effects due to the ingredients in it reacting adversely with your skin. Christine Hong has gone through the struggle of researching and spending hours in department store cosmetic aisles to find what works for her. She’s created Apothecary to make it is easier to discover the right skincare products. Apothecary is a “data-driven skincare consultation service that streamlines your product discovery experience.”

Frederick Daso: What drives customer confusion on skincare products?

Christine Hong: I’ve had eczema and acne for as long as I can remember. I was so itchy, pimply, and insecure. My incredible mother

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Free outdoor fitness classes returning to Canalside, MLK Park this weekend

frank lampard

After eight weeks of virtual classes, the popular and now-socially-distant outdoor exercise series returned on Saturday.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — If you’ve been wanting to get back outside and get in a good workout, you could do it again for free starting Saturday.

That’s when the City of Buffalo and BlueCross BlueShield resumed Fitness at Canalside and and Summer City Fitness at MLK Park.

After eight weeks of virtual classes, the now socially distant popular outdoor exercise series returns.

If you’re still not ready to take part in a group setting, Summer City Fitness will be recorded each week with a link posted on the city’s website, so you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. 

Saturday’s class featured Buffalo’s La’Movement Fitness. Each person who came was at least ten feet apart from each other.

“The community was just so excited to come out and work out with us,”

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