Amazon has a new fitness tracker and wants to get personal | Business News

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NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon, the company that made shopping from a La-Z-Boy possible, is going into the fitness-tracking business.

The company started selling a wrist band Thursday that tracks workouts, sleep and body fat. It can also listen to your voice and tell you when you sounded happy or sad.

Amazon might already know what books you like and how often you need toilet paper, but the fitness tracker may give the company a wealth of new information about its customers, although Amazon says it won’t use the for marketing or advertisements or to sell you stuff.

Jon Reily, global chief strategy officer at Dentsu Commerce and a former Amazon executive, says that the microphones in the tracker could help it listen to how people talk, which could make its voice assistant Alexa smarter by detecting moods and providing better responses.

To measure body fat, Amazon is asking users

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How To Safely Go To The Doctor, Dentist, & OB-GYN During COVID-19

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You’ve got your mask, your hand sanitizer, and your six-foot queuing protocol down pat, but you’ve had a migraine for three straight months, and think it’s time to get your GP involved. But is it safe to go to the doctor, dentist, or gynecologist right now? Coronavirus isn’t the only health issue in the world right now, and you still need to keep up with your health checks and any other medical issues that may have come up in quarantine.

“As states start to ease restrictions during the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve seen more and more healthcare offices opening for non-urgent visits,” Dr. Robert Quigley M.D., regional medical director for medical security firm International SOS, tells Bustle. “Despite the reopening of facilities, there are still preventive measures that should be implemented prior to and during a medical appointment during the pandemic.”

If your area is relatively OK in terms of case

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DWD Secretary: It will be 6-8 weeks before recipients see new $300 unemployment supplement

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Caleb Frostman, secretary of the state Department of Workforce Development, estimated in an interview Tuesday, Sept. 1, that it would be about six to eight weeks before tens of thousands of unemployed workers in Wisconsin start receiving a new $300 unemployment insurance supplement created by the Trump administration.

Under that estimate, payments under the Lost Wages Assistance program would likely start going out to eligible unemployment recipients in early to mid-October, at least 10 weeks after a previous $600 supplement from Congress ended on July 25 in Wisconsin.

For the majority of that time, the department will be setting up the infrastructure for the new benefit, a process known as “programming,” Frostman said.

“That means adjusting our IT mainframe system, which is about 50 years old, to accept and process the new requirements for this new Lost Wages Assistance program,” he said. “It’s going to be about four to five

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