Medical student Malone Mukwende’s book on why brown skin matters meets with ‘phenomenal’ response

frank lampard

A British medical student says there’s been a “phenomenal” global response to his handbook about how conditions look on black and brown skin.

Malone Mukwende developed the Mind the Gap: A handbook of clinical signs in black and brown skin, with the backing of St George’s, University of London, after he noticed disparities in medical care.

“I realised that the problem may lay in the fact that we’re not often taught on darker skins,” he said.

“So that’s where I knew that I kind of had to do something to address this problem, because there was nothing that I could see being done.”

The free online handbook details the clinical presentations on skin of colour for more than 20 conditions including swelling, nail pitting, jaundice, meningococcal disease, bruising, chickenpox and measles.

He said it had had received an enthusiastic response around the world in the three weeks since it was

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Why A Trip To The Dentist Can Be Especially Expensive In Communities Hardest Hit By COVID-19 And Unemployment: LAist

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(Photo illustration by Chava Sanchez/LAist)

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Even in a normal year, I try my best to avoid the dentist. It’s not just the physical pain, but the financial hit my bank account takes each visit.

With coronavirus raging through Southeast Los Angeles, the last place I wanted to be was in a dental chair in a Cudahy strip mall with my mouth uncovered and wide open. But that’s where I was Tuesday, staring at a wall painted like a pink princess castle, wondering how much money I was losing on this risky business.

It couldn’t be helped. I was in agony the entire weekend with a bad toothache so when Monday rolled around, I knew I needed medical attention. The problem

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