Healthy Tahoe: Delivering care mothers and babies

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Mandi Weavil, MD

As a mother and as a physician, I understand there are many unknowns right now for moms as they prepare to deliver their babies. Despite the challenges we face with the COVID-19 pandemic, Barton Health continues to provide compassionate care that puts mothers and babies first. Barton’s practices in place honor the needs of mother and child while upholding everyone’s health and safety.

Barton makes carefully calculated decisions with our patients’ best interests in mind, and we do what we feel is best for our community while following state and federal guidelines for maternity care. Our practices can differ from other hospitals in the state because of this. Allow me to shine a light on our procedures, and offer some reassurance for parents-to-be during these unprecedented times: A support person, as well as a doula can be with the delivering mother at the hospital

Barton’s Family

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2K Worth Of Allergy Medicine Stolen From Bridgewater CVS

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BRIDGEWATER, NJ — Bridgewater Police are looking for two people wanted for shoplifting more than $2,000 worth of allergy medication.

On Sept. 3 at 4:12 p.m., an unknown Black woman and an unknown Hispanic man went to the CVS Pharmacy at 230 Milltown Road and shoplifted $2,128.37 worth of over the counter allergy medication, police said.

The two people fled the store before police arrived.

Other Bridgewater Police blotter items:

On Aug. 29 at 1:31 p.m.: A 41-year-old Bridgewater man was arrested for shoplifting from Home Depot at 400 Promenade Blvd. He was observed switching price tags from a lesser valued item to more expensive items and paying for the less expensive item. He was issued a complaint summons for shoplifting, processed and released.

On Aug. 29 at 11:57 p.m.: A 23-year-old North Plainfield man was arrested for possession of controlled dangerous substance (marijuana) under 50 grams, after an officer

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JCC of Rochester laying off 296 employees due to effects of fitness center restriction

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JCC of Greater Rochester will lay off 296 of the 343 staffers at the community and fitness center located in Brighton.


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The Louis S. Wolk Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester has determined that it will not be able to return to work the majority of individuals who were previously furloughed by the JCC due to the pandemic, said Christina O’Rourke, chief human resources officer.

“While we were hopeful that this furlough would be temporary in nature and therefore, not result in a mass layoff, the ongoing restrictions imposed by New York state, in particular those relative to the operation of a fitness center, have now made it impossible for us to avoid such action,” O’Rourke said in a statement.  

Fitness instructor Becky Schmitt said she received an email Friday notifying her that she would not have a job on Monday. There is a Zoom call Monday night

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A dentist created a cake shield to protect birthday guests from germs

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Even in the era of COVID-19, Florida-based dentist Billy Kay wants people to be able to blow on their birthday cake and let guests eat it, too.

Kay, who lives in Boca Raton and specializes in prosthetic dentistry, said he often ruminated on how many germs are spread when people blow out their birthday candles. For about 30 years, the grandfather of four thought about different ways to protect cakes from the invisible spit particles that most party goers chose to ignore. In March, however, a lot more people were suddenly very concerned about germs with onset of the pandemic. So Kay decided to create a prototype out of one of his many ideas he had been storing away.

By April, he had manufactured the very first Top It Cake Shield and now the product is set to officially launch online Sept. 15.

The cake shields come in three different
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COVID-19 long-term health problems | WJMN

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COVID-19 is beginning to show itself to be more than just a respiratory illness. Some patients are still fighting off symptoms of the disease months after recovery. From skin problems to brain and neurological issues, here are some of the possible long-term health effects of COVID that you need to know about.

“It was scary. It’s the worst I’ve ever felt in my life,” said Clarence Troutman, a COVID-19 Survivor. Getting COVID can be life-altering. Not just while you are battling the disease, but months, possibly years after beating it. “If your lungs are not in prime shape, your heart suffers and your whole body,” said Purvi Parikh, MD, an Immunologist of Allergy and Asthma at NYU Langone Health.

According to a recent study, patients who had Coronavirus are seven times more likely to suffer a stroke than flu patients. 30 percent of patients developed moderate to severe kidney injury.

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Scientists Develop Regenerative Medicine-induced Placental Trophoblasts to Help Pregnant Women

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a person standing in a kitchen: Scientists Develop Regenerative Medicine-induced Placental Trophoblasts to Help Pregnant Women

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Scientists Develop Regenerative Medicine-induced Placental Trophoblasts to Help Pregnant Women

A new ground-breaking discovery made in the field of stem cell may lead to new treatments for pregnant women. The discovery was made by an international team of scientists, a collaboration between Monash University and Duke-NUS researchers which could help with complicated placenta-related issues during pregnancy.

Stem cell research has been making new discoveries for a long time. A process involving induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSCs), where adult skin cells are successfully reprogrammed into those similar to embryonic stem cells, has been around for a while. These stem cells can be independently used to grow tissues from human organs. However, this process could recreate placental tissues.

Despite the small limitations, iPSCs hold immense potential for medical treatments. They are used for personalised cell therapies and in regenerative medicine. They are also helpful for drug testing and

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Company bundles news, TV, iCloud and new fitness classes as part of subscription plan

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Apple has launched “Apple One”, a subscription plan that bundles together its various services.

Users will be able to stick together its variety of different content offerings into one subscription, at a slightly cheaper rate.

The new plan was unveiled during a virtual event, named “Time Flies”, at which it revealed new Apple Watches and iPads.

The decision to launch the bundle has already come under criticism from Spotify, who argued that Apple offering its Music and other subscriptions together is “unfair” and that its behaviour “threatens our collective freedoms to listen, learn, create, and connect”.

The new Apple One subscription begins with an “individual” membership. That costs $14.95, and includes Apple Music, TV+, its Arcade games service, as well as 50GB of iCloud storage.

A family membership costs $19.95 per month. That gives access to the same services, plus 200GB of iCloud storage, and can be shared by up

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It’s Safe To See The Dentist Again

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The American Dental Association said they expect dental revenues to be down by as much as 40 percent by the end of 2020.​

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The American Dental Association said they expect dental revenues to be down by as much as 40 percent by the end of 2020.​

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ — While New Jersey residents have cautiously started going to hair salons, outdoor restaurants and doctor’s appointments again, many are still reluctant to see one person in particular: The dentist.

The American Dental Association said they expect dental revenues to be down by as much as 40 percent by the end of 2020. And as recently as two weeks ago, the American Dental Association said they “respectfully yet strongly disagree” with advice from the World Health Organization, telling people to avoid routine dental care due to coronavirus risk.

Cecile Feldman, the dean of the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine in Newark, said she thinks seeing a dentist is actually low risk according to current knowledge of the virus.

She also clarified

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HUB Sports Center provides P.E., academic programs to supplement virtual learning

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LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — Do your kids need a place to have fun and experience hands-on learning during the virtual school year?

The HUB Sports Center might just be the place.

They’re offering a variety of programs students and families this fall to make the school year feel a little more normal.

The HUB says it’s always been about positively impacting the community.

And usually, it’s through sports programs.

But now, the Center is expanding to meet the needs of schools in the area.

Monday through Thursday, the HUB has an after-school program for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

It’s a safe space for them to get active, hang out and play games while 30 minutes each day is devoted to studying and homework.

This is open to students from

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How to manage the skin condition

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a close up of a persons foot

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If your skin itches and turns red from time to time, you might have eczema. This skin condition is very common in children, but adults can get it too.

“Atopic eczema is incredibly difficult on patients and their families, seriously impacting their daily lives and ultimately affecting quality of life,” says Dr Alicia McMaster, Head of Medical for Speciality Care at Sanofi.

“An individual’s overall health and wellbeing can be severely impaired by the disease. Patients and families are at the core of this year’s World Atopic Eczema Day.

“Working together with the Allergy Foundation South Africa, on September 14 we will come together and unite for action and recognition of the importance of this disease. Together, we #CareForAtopicEczema. It connects everyone who shares the consequences of the illness and encourages them to talk about their

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