Wine Effects on Skin Can Be Lessened With Right Brand

As a former beauty editor and skin-care brand founder, Courtney Dunlop has long geeked out on the science behind how what you put on or in your body affects your skin. The excitement she has over calling up a derm to talk science is on the level of how most people would feel talking to their favorite celebrity.

She’s also always loved a good glass of wine. It was something she had in common with her friend Michelle Feldman, a former flight attendant and certified esthetician. Both from Springfield, Missouri, Dunlop and Feldman partnered together to open up a spa (open by appointment only), and launch a skin-care line Good Skin Day. At their beauty events, the wine flowed freely. “People were always surprised to see us drinking wine because we had great skin and really cared about skin care,” Dunlop says. Instead of asking about the products, event-goers would

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Meet Rehmat Rattan, A Kashmiri Model and Dentist, Who Wants to Work with Akshay Kumar

a person wearing a costume: Meet Rehmat Rattan, A Kashmiri Model and Dentist, Who Wants to Work with Akshay Kumar

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Meet Rehmat Rattan, A Kashmiri Model and Dentist, Who Wants to Work with Akshay Kumar

Rehmat Rattan, actress and model from Kashmir, entered the showbiz with her win in the Miss PTC Punjabi 2019. As a kid, she participated in the dance reality show Boogie Woogie, and then started as a professional with a web series ‘Bad Habits’ and a music video ‘Dil Mera’.

Contrary to general opinion, winning a beauty pageant wasn’t enough for Rehmat. “Winning it was the stepping stone for me in the industry but I can’t sit back now. I got a lot of offers for music videos but I want to establish myself as a renowned actress,” said Rehmat.

She also has an Amazon Prime project lined up this year. She said, “It is titled Chandigarh Girls and is based on the lives of four women hailing from different states, whose

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Portland employers expect remote working to ultimately supplement, not supplant, office jobs

Advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy asked the more than 450 employees at its Pearl District headquarters to start working from home on March 13 as the severity of the coronavirus pandemic came into focus.

Five months later, those employees are still working remotely, and the company doesn’t expect to welcome most of them back to the office until sometime in 2021. While the remote working setup has been surprisingly effective, Jess Monsey, managing director at Wieden+Kennedy Portland, said that it has become clear as the pandemic has dragged on that employees miss the collaboration and personal connection that comes with sharing an office.

“In the first couple of weeks, everybody was like, ‘Wow, this is pretty interesting,’” Monsey said. “There was a novelty to it, and everybody was really happy and proud to see that we were able to still continue to do great work being separated from each other. But as

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