SLO County’s Kennedy Club Fitness calls for gyms to reopen

Kennedy Club Fitness has had to lay off, terminate or furlough “hundreds of employees” across San Luis Obispo County amid the ongoing COVID-19 business restrictions, leaving the gym in dire straits.

Now, the local chain is hoping to generate community support and return to the state’s original guidelines for fitness facilities since coronavirus arrived.

The health and fitness company — which has four SLO County locations, in San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, Atascadero and Arroyo Grande — said it has suffered sharp business impacts that could affect more jobs in the near future, as well as the services it provides its customers.

“We need your support and understanding, especially in the next 30-60 days, as we move forward out of the current situation we are in,” said Brett Weaver, Kennedy Club’s managing partner, in a letter submitted to The Tribune. “If we don’t get back to operating business under the

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How to stay fit when you don’t like going to the gym?

Going to the gym is not an attractive option for many people. It cuts into their “me” time and sometimes can be costly. Yet, they would love to stay fit. Should there be a problem? No! There shouldn’t be because it is possible to keep fit and participate in sports from the convenience of your home. It is even advised to work out at home as much as is done in the gym. This way, fitness becomes a lifestyle choice.

No much effort or money is spent on the purchase of fit balls, dumbbells, exercise bands, et cetera, so they can be purchased for the home workout sessions as these are capable of working out the major muscles. Without them, you can also do push-ups, take long walks, and try abdominal exercises. See some tips on how to stay fit without going to the gym;

·       Walk when it’s possible

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Kentucky is planning to implement a $400 unemployment supplement in September

Kentucky will apply for the $300 in additional unemployment benefits offered by the federal government, Gov. Andy Beshear said Wednesday.

Trump extends US unemployment benefits



The state will also use federal coronavirus relief funds to add $100 to that amount, bringing the new weekly supplement to $400 — down from the original $600 originally paid for by the federal government.   

a sign on the side of a building: Signage for unemployment assistance at the UAW Local 862. August 3, 2020

© Alton Strupp/Courier Journal
Signage for unemployment assistance at the UAW Local 862. August 3, 2020

“While there are still some uncertainty in this new program, it is just too important to get these dollars to our families,” Beshear said. 

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The state currently plans to pay the $400 weekly benefits boost for a three-week period.

Those receiving unemployment benefits for weeks between July 26 and Aug. 15 will be eligible. 

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