Best humidifiers in 2020, according to experts

Whether you’re looking for help with allergies or to step up your skin care routine, humidifiers can be an overlooked tool despite boasting some important health perks. Humidifiers infuse moisture into the air and can benefit users year-round. During the winter months, as the combination of cold air and overheated homes dries out the skin, humidifiers boost much-needed moisture. Although fewer people think to use them during the summer months, humidifiers aren’t just for the wintertime, though, explained Jessie Cheung, MD, a board-certified dermatologist. “Moist air helps slow down the transmission of microbes and can combat the dry air from summer air conditioning,” she said. “It also allows for more comfortable breathing if you have blocked sinuses or respiratory infection and helps to keep sensitive skin from drying out.”

What are humidifiers good for?

Humidifiers help maintain a certain range of humidity in specific rooms or your entire home.

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Apple wants to bulldoze the fitness app industry, hurting developers

  • Apple has a history of wiping out the little-guy developers, but this time it’s set its sights on the lucrative multi-billion fitness app industry.
  • On Tuesday, Apple launched Fitness Plus, a studio fitness app that offers classes from fitness coaches and integrates tightly with Apple Watch.
  • It’s a direct competitor to Peloton’s fitness app but it’s also a direct competitor to dozens of others including the many smaller developers who have trusted their livelihoods to Apple’s store, dutifully paying Apple its 30% cut of their recurring revenues.
  • The big fitness companies can probably handle the blow, but what of the little guys? This is not good news for them.
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On Tuesday, along with a new Apple Watch, Apple launched Apple Fitness Plus, a new app that offers studio fitness classes and integrates with the watch and other Apple gear.

As many have pointed

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Post Malone Becomes A Dentist For A Day

Post Malone is having some fun, putting on his dentist gear and checking out his friend’s teeth on Instagram.

One month after getting a tattoo during his dentist appointment, Post Malone is turning heads again for dentistry-related reasons.

The rapper’s team has been quietly teasing his next studio album, which is expected to arrive before the end of the year and, during his downtime, Post Malone has just been fooling around and having some fun.

Posted up with some of his friends, Post’s dentist must have been in the room because, somehow, the recording artist got hold of an entire dental binocular set, which he put on his head before going to work on one of his buddies’ grills.

Noam Galai/Getty Images

“You floss these fucking teeth or what?” joked Post Malone after peering into his boy’s mouth. “Come on!”

Maybe, if music ends up going downhill for him (which,

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