Staph infections are common, not caused by face masks


This is how often you should wash your cloth face mask.


The claim: Face masks cause staph infections.

Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended the use of face masks in public in April, misinformation about the consequences of mask-wearing has spread on social media.

A subset of users has falsely claimed that rather than promoting health, masks are actually a detriment to it – by weakening the immune system or causing carbon dioxide poisoning, among other assertions.

The latest claim to make the rounds is that wearing face masks causes staph infections.

A few widely shared posts contain dozens of screenshots of tweets that claim to be individuals’ stories of mask-related staph infections.

“27 different people are saying this …” one user wrote alongside the tweets, which include photos and anecdotes about staph infections and other mask-related issues.

The user did not respond to

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Snap Fitness reopens in Douglassville with new ownership | Business

DOUGLASSVILLE — After being closed since mid-March, Snap Fitness in Douglassville has reopened.

The 24/7 fitness facility in the Douglassville Shopping Center reopened Tuesday, Sept. 1, with new owners Bruce and Mary Monteiro.

Over the last couple of months, the couple purchased all of the equipment in the 4,000-square-foot facility from former owner John Stockton, negotiated a lease with the landlord and worked out a franchise agreement with Snap Fitness. Over the weekend, the couple held a soft-opening at the location — signing up new and returning members.

Bruce Monteiro said he and his wife Mary were members of that Snap Fitness location. They and other members received notification from Stockton in the spring that he would be closing the gym permanently. Stockton had owned and operated the franchise location since it opened in 2008.

“We reached out to him pretty quickly after that to see what his plans were

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Unemployment Benefits Are at Heart of a Debate Over Hiring

Within two or three days of the benefit’s expiration, he said, applications tripled. When the government approved the $300 replacement, he said, the numbers began to dwindle, even though most states have yet to start making the payments.

“It’s free money, so they feel they don’t have to work anymore,” he said.

Other employers share his sentiment. One-third of small-business owners surveyed by the National Federation of Independent Business said the supplement made hiring harder.

There are, of course, examples that tell a different story — millions of them. In May, June and July, more than 9.3 million workers returned to a job, forgoing the generous unemployment benefits.

And that story turns out to be by far the most common.

Researchers at Yale University who reviewed scheduling and time clock data for small businesses said, “We find no evidence that more generous benefits disincentivized work either at the onset of

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