How Virtual Reality Is Reshaping The Future Of Home Fitness

Designed specifically for Oculus Quest, and paired with your smartphone, Supernatural provides users with the intimacy and guidance of expertly coached, one-on-one daily workouts, detailed fitness tracking, an expansive catalog of popular music and—thanks to the fully immersive nature of VR— a chance to exercise in the world’s most beautiful locations without ever leaving home.

“What we know is that thousands of people are succeeding in their fitness goals for the very first time, by seamlessly incorporating Supernatural into their homes and discovering a routine they look forward to day after day,” says CEO and co-founder Chris Milk. “These experiences illustrate the value of a tool that taps into a person’s inner strength to release the joy that only physical movement can bring. If we can keep you smiling while you sweat, we believe we can also reshape your entire fitness perspective. The most exciting part is that this is

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Dentist Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta Explains the Field’s Most Common Area of Practice, Centered Around Preventive and Restorative Care

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / October 9, 2020 / Focused on preventive and restorative services intended to promote optimum oral health, general dentists make up more than two-thirds of the profession. A popular dentist based in the so-called Peach State of Georgia, Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta explains more about the field.

“Often I’m asked, ‘What is general dentistry?'” saysDr. Frank Roach Atlanta, speaking from his office in the Gwinnett County city of Norcross.

According to Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta, as many as 80 percent of all qualified individuals-those using their dental degree in some fashion-in the United States are considered general dentists. “Distinct from those who are focused primarily on one area of dental practice, such as periodontics, general dentists handle an array of different services, vital to the continued oral health of their patients,” he explains.

The general dentistry field,Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta goes on to illustrate, primarily covers

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Did changes to Plan F cause my Medicare supplement premiums to rise?

Notice: Two weeks until Thursday, Oct. 15: Medicare Annual Enrollment.

We have received a 20 percent increase in our Plan F Medicare Supplement. I am a 70-year-old female in decent health, but my husband is undergoing cancer treatment at MD Anderson. Also, his cardiologist has advised him that he may need a pacemaker.

I’ve understand told that Medicare Annual Enrollment is our time to change our Medicare Supplement plans. I’m concerned that with the Medicare Supplement increase that we may not be able to afford the premiums with future increases. Would a Medicare Advantage plan be a good option to change to with Fred’s cancer issues? What we should do? Cathy from West U area


In 2015 Congress passed legislation called “Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015” (MACRA) to help the medical industry by correcting the “Doc Fix” proposal. MACRA also made changes to Medicare Supplement’s plans

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