5 Online Stores Where You Can Get Free Workout Meal Plans

5 Online Stores Where You Can Get Free Workout Meal Plans

Most workout companies are online. They render distinct services. Some stores let you purchase workout clothes only. Some simply provide you with free workout meal plans. And some combine both.

Reading through reviews on UK.collected.reviews, here are 5 online companies where you can get free workout meal plans. Beyond talking about online stores and how they affect workout plans, you can get free meal plans and stay content.

·       Headspace:

Founded by Andy Puddicombe and Richard Pierson, Headspace is a private company in the healthcare industry into meditation and mindfulness. Aside from that, the company is said to provide free workout meal plans for athletes when you check their website. Founded in 2010, it is located in California and renders worldwide services. Headspace offers deals and services in more than three languages such as Portuguese, French, English, and Spanish.

·       Fooducate:

Known as the leader in nutrition grading, Fooducate provides you services that allow you to eat better and stay healthy. The online store ensures users pay attention to their health using modern technology. You can see any food nutrition grade by merely using a barcode. Located in California and founded in 2009 by Hemi Weingarten, the company has grown to be such a force in the nutritional sector of the healthcare industry. Aside from their many services, they offer free workout meal plans.

·       Fitbit:

An American fitness company founded by James Park and Eric Friedman, Fitbit is located in California and renders worldwide services. The company has over 1,500 employees who are more than ready to serve people from different walks of life. Fitbit services are dynamic and they are best known for their wearable products. But beyond that, the company provides free workout meal plans to every interested athlete and fitness enthusiasts.

·       Noom:

You can’t be looking for weight loss apps and online companies and never heard of Noom. Noom’s diets precede them. The app is used by millions of people and can be found in the health and weight sector. Described by the organizers, Noom is said to be different due to how it follows you up on meals and not just how it recommends diets for you. Using psychology and small goals, the app prompts you on a series of steps and small processes to take to better understand how diets work. Its features include food logging, coaching services, group support, and free meal plans, amongst others.

·       WW International:

You might have heard of this too. WW International is formerly known as Weight Watchers International. The WW actually stands for Weight Watchers. As the name implies, this is an online company that deals in weight loss and dietary programs. It is a public company founded in Queens, New York, in 1963. The company’s employees total over 18000 and its services go beyond just the United States. Some of its features include free meal plans for fitness enthusiasts.


Several online fitness companies today will give you free meal plans in addition to other services they render. You only need to search for them and you’ll find them.

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