Health Ministry Warns Against Overuse Of Hand Sanitizers Amid Rising Cases of COVID-19

Health Ministry Warns Against Overuse Of Hand Sanitizers Amid Rising Cases of COVID-19

Health Ministry has asked people to reduce the use of hand sanitizers as they kill the good bacteria and cause skin problems in the long run.

The world is witnessing a pandemic that has taken millions of lives and millions of people are currently infected with the deadly COVID-19 virus. In India, there are nearly 5 lakh active cases right now which shows the severity of the condition. As this outbreak happened a few months back, we were told to wash hands often and use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to disinfect hands and prevent virus transmission. However, the experts suggested to wash hands with soap more and use less sanitizer as it can kill the good bacteria on hands. This increases the risk of skin infections, rashes and dry skin. Now, the Health Ministry has warned again to prevent overuse of hand sanitizers.


This pandemic situation has put us in the panic mode. We have become finicky about our hygiene. Many people wash their hands even if it is not required which is not good for their hands. Without realizing the risks of overusing hand sanitizers, we are on it. The Health Ministry has now warned people against this practice. Also, experts believe that one should avoid sanitizers if washing hands with soap and water is possible. This is because the alcohol content in sanitizers not only kills the virus but also good bacteria that maintain the health of hands. You must do proper hand care to prevent dryness and maintain softness.

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In a statement given to a leading news agency, Dr. RK Verma, additional director-general of Health Services, Ministry of Health, said: “These are unprecedented times, no one thought that a virus outbreak, of this nature, will occur. Use masks to protect yourself, drink hot water frequently & wash hands vigorously. Don’t overuse sanitizers.” 


From the beginning, health experts are warning against hand sanitizer abuse which most people are doing out of fear and protection. While it is important to disinfect your hands, do not let your hands get dry and flaky due to the overuse of sanitizer. 

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