How 14 Powerful Women Are Practicing Self-Care Right Now

How are you coping with that anxiety?

It’s been a lot of conversations with my husband. He’s tried to play the calm, cool, and collected one, who’s like, “Oh, it’s fine. She’s okay. It’s not a big deal.” He’s trying to play devil’s advocate to calm me down, but it’s a lot of conversations and a lot of harsh realizations with myself that I can only do the best I can do. We’ll figure out a way to get through it.

So what is self-care looking for looking like for you right now?

We had a conversation really early on in quarantine and were like, “Okay, every day we’re going to give each other at least an hour, if not two hours, to where the other one will take the baby.” If it’s a workout, going and lying out in the sun in our backyard, if you just want to go drive around the city for two hours. You do whatever you need to, to take care of your mind and your body. I’ve been giving myself pedicures and trying to sun-bathe and read books and work out and just try to keep a somewhat normal life.

Try bullet journaling. 

Keltie Knight, correspondent on Entertainment Tonight and cocreator of the podcast LadyGang

How is your stress and anxiety compared to what’s normal for you?

My stress and anxiety levels come in abrupt waves. Somedays I’m jogging outside in the sun, taking time to read and feeling balanced and appreciative of this weird break, and the next I’m eating four ice cream sandwiches in bed, staring at the wall, picking at my disgusting un-manicured nail beds until they bleed, and feeling heartbroken our entire LadyGang Act Like a Lady book tour was cancelled. 

In the next instant, I’m feeling guilty that I’m feeling sad, because people are dying and losing their jobs, and I’m healthy and working from home and should be feeling so thankful. Then, I feel thankful. It’s a wicked circle.

What’s one act of self-care that’s really been helping?

I love to bullet-journal. I’ve been keeping various trackers during quarantine to help release some of the anxiety about the unknown. I’m tracking everything: my vitamin intake, my moods, TikTok dances I’ve learned, skin care, deep-conditioning my hair, books and podcasts, my periods, expenses, if i’ve watered the plants, even my bowel movements (sorry!). I find that using a bullet journal clears my head and helps me relax.

Lean into your emotions. 

Britney Young, actor and star of GLOW

What’s been the most stressful aspect of this time for you?

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