Star Body Debuts Its One of a Kind Skin and Sun Care Line At ECRM




Sept. 22, 2020

/PRNewswire/ — Star Body brings its stellar line of natural sun care products to one of the biggest trade shows of the year, ECRM’s

Vitamin, Weight Management & Sports Nutrition

program. Though

Star Body

is a relatively young company, founder Babs Marich has been researching and refining the brand’s signature


product line for over ten years. Marich’s research and development was time well spent as

Star Body

flourished after its launch in 2019, bringing its coffee-infused sun care products to consumers, and now retail buyers.

The Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) Conference will allow

Star Body

the opportunity to network with some of the largest retailers in

the United States

. This October’s ECRM will be a virtual event in compliance with social distancing guidelines, so

Star Body

will be showing its products remotely in a rapid-fire lineup of retail buyers from all over the country.

Star Body

creates products unlike any other skincare line on the market, making them a standout brand sure to peak the interest of retailers at ECRM. Babs Marich said that when she started developing

Star Body’sEspress-O-Yourself

, she didn’t know where the creative process would take her but she knew she wanted to integrate her love of coffee with her passion for skincare. The result has been a potent and visually stunning product that transcends the single-use labels, making it a truly one-of-a-kind product.

Besides using espresso in its products, one of the most eye-catching ingredients in Star Body’s proprietary formula is real, 24 karat gold mica. Gold mica adds shimmer and shine in a way that other brands simply can’t replicate with synthetic and environmentally harmful ingredients, like glitter. Star Body’s natural, plant-based products are not to be confused with a tanning oil or sunscreen. The brand’s formula goes above and beyond to rejuvenate and rehydrate skin with coconut oil, vitamin eye, and rice bran.

As a Florida-based brand, Star Body separates itself from other companies by making sure that all of its products are certified 100% Reef Safe, meaning they do not contain any toxic ingredients that could cause harm to local marine life. Protecting Florida’s aquatic ecosystems has been a passion for Star Body, and its founders wanted to make natural products more available and accessible to anyone visiting the sunshine state.

In the last year, Star Body has expanded beyond its Florida beginnings, taking its products to some of the largest tattoo expositions in the United States. This is because Star Body’s Tattoo Renew U formula has become one of its most popular products to date. Tattoo Renew U offers natural and effective skincare for tattoos, keeping them protected from the sun and looking refreshed.

With ECRM fast approaching, Star Body prepares for its first conference debut, confident the brand will make a great impression. Star Body’s products have garnered recognition and respect in the skincare community, bringing innovation to aspects of skin and sun care that have yet to be explored.

Find Star Body and its Espress-O-Yourself line this October 12th-16th at ECRM’s virtual program focusing on Vitamin, Weight Management & Sports Nutrition.

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