(Bloomberg Opinion) — One of the greatest outrages in the U.S. response to the coronavirus pandemic has been the way the government has failed to offer the people useful, trustworthy information. That’s still true, even as President Donald Trump has restarted his daily Covid-19 briefings. While some outlets have praised […]

Dietary fiber needs an image overhaul! The nutrient is mostly associated with prunes and bowel health. And yes, fiber helps us poop regularly and efficiently. As anyone who’s suffered from constipation can tell you, that’s no small perk. But it does so much more than just that! It also “lowers […]

In a world where Internet trolls like to spend their time tearing others down and where some of Hollywood’s top actresses and models use their fame to spread garbage advice about skinny teas and tonics, it can be a struggle to stay upbeat about our bodies. Fortunately, body-positive influencers all […]