The Best Online Grocery Delivery Services To Have On Hand

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It's good to have these online grocery shopping services on hand for when you can't make it to the store in a pinch. (Photo: vgajic via Getty Images)
It’s good to have these online grocery shopping services on hand for when you can’t make it to the store in a pinch. (Photo: vgajic via Getty Images)

The grocery store anxiety is real, even on a typical day. It can be incredibly stressful trying to push the cart with one hand and read your shopping list with the other — all the while trying to navigate your way through the small, crowded aisles.

It can be even worse if you’re not able to find exactly what you need when you need it, and you have to resort to alternatives (bidets, anyone?).

Still, keeping some food in your fridge, freezer and pantry is necessary, whether or not you’re grocery shopping for a quarantine. No matter how much of a devout takeout customer you are, it’s important to have delicious recipes on hand that can be made with pantry staples.

But, if finding the time and patience to make a trip to the grocery store seems impossible — or if you’re practicing social distancing and avoiding crowds — an online grocery delivery service near you might be an option worth exploring.

If you’ve tried one of 2020′s top meal kit subscriptions, a prepared meal delivery service or even just ordered takeout in the past, an online grocery delivery service is pretty similar — and a nice way to supplement those takeout orders and meal kit dinners with kitchen basics.

Services like FreshDirect, Amazon Fresh and FoodKick let you add items like fresh produce, organic proteins and healthy snacks to your cart, and have them delivered to your doorstep at a designated time. Most have inexpensive delivery fees and order minimums, too.

Still, if you want to learn more about the online grocery options near you, we’ve rounded up some of the best online grocery delivery services, including details about their product offerings and pricing, so you can determine which is best for your budget, dietary needs and lifestyle.

Note: With the recent COVID-19 outbreak and increased demand for groceries and delivery, some services might have less stock or temporary changes in delivery practices. 

Below, the best online grocery delivery services to have on hand:

How It Works: Amazon Fresh is the grocery delivery service exclusively available for Amazon Prime members to shop from Amazon Fresh partners and Whole Foods with 1 to 2-hour delivery options
Offerings: Fresh produce, pantry staples, household, personal care and Whole Foods groceries, with special discounts for Prime Members
Pricing: Free 2-hour delivery on orders over $50; otherwise there’s a $10 delivery fee and additional fees for under 1-hour deliveries
How To Try It: Download the Amazon app, or visit the Amazon Fresh page online

How It Works: FoodKick is basically FreshDirect’s younger, faster sibling. It delivers fresh food and cold booze to most of the NYC area, including Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens
Offerings: FoodKick delivers from local, participating vendors, and provides fresh produce, freezer items, pantry staples, household and personal care items, baked goods, and even prepared foods. It also includes local delivery of wine, spirits and beer
Pricing: Get 30 days of free delivery when you place your first order. Order minimums are $30, and delivery fee is $5 on most orders. If you want your order in an hour, it’s a $6 delivery fee. You can also sign up for DeliveryPass for $10/month for unlimited free deliveries
How To Try It: Download the FoodKick app, or visit the FoodKick page online 

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How It Works: FreshDirect delivers fresh groceries and some household items to select locations in the Northeast during designated time slots
Offerings: FreshDirect supplies its produce, meats and more from local sources to ensure fresh and high-quality foods, but also carries name big brands. Organic and Kosher options are also available
Pricing: FreshDirect has a $6 to $8 delivery fee depending on the location and $30 order minimum
How To Try It: Download the FreshDirect app, or order online from FreshDirect’s site

How It Works: Instacart offers same-day grocery delivery and pick-up service. With Instacart, a personal shopper goes to your favorite local grocery store and delivers your shopping list to you within the hour. They’ll communicate with you via text for substitutions or unavailable items
Offerings: Dependent upon qualifying nearby stores
Pricing: Instacart’s delivery fee can vary depending on the size of your order and delivery time. There is a $10 order minimum
How To Try It: Download the Instacart app, or visit Instacart’s online order page

How It Works: Peapod, owned and operated by Stop & Shop, offers next-day and same-day grocery delivery in select areas, including NYC
Offerings: All of the name brands and organic products available at Stop & Shop
Pricing: Delivery fees start at $3 with a $30 order minimum
How To Try It: Download the Peapod app, or visit the Peapod order page online

How It Works: Postmates isn’t just for food delivery. Postmates also works for grocery and alcohol delivery, too — but only in select locations. Just select the “Fresh” tab at the top to open up grocery delivery options near you. A personal shopper goes to your favorite local store, picks up anything you request, and delivers it to you within the hour
Offerings: Dependent on qualifying nearby stores when you choose the “Fresh” tab at the top of the page. Keep in mind that groceries and drinks aren’t available for delivery everywhere
Pricing: Postmate’s delivery fee can vary depending on the size of your order and delivery time. There’s also an option to sign up for Postmates Unlimited, which offers free delivery when you reach an order minimum
How To Try It: Download the Postmates app, or visit the Postmates “Fresh” page online

How It Works: Target delivers groceries through its own shipping service called Shipt, which offers same-day delivery to your doorstep during your selected delivery window
Offerings: Dependent on nearby Target stores. Choose from fresh produce, household essentials, baby, pantry staples, personal care and more
Pricing: Shipt charges a $14/month or $99/year membership fee, and free delivery on orders over $35
How To Try It: Download the Target app, or visit the Target grocery delivery online

How It Works: Thrive Market is a membership-based grocery and household website offering natural and organic products at reduced costs, delivered right to your doorstep
Offerings: Choose from organic and non-GMO products with plenty of keto, paleo and vegan options, too
Pricing: Thrive Market charges a $69 annual membership fee and free carbon-neutral shipping on orders over $49.
How To Try It: Download the Thrive Market app, or visit Thrive Market’s online page

How It Works: Walmart Grocery allows you to shop online or through their app, with the option of in-store pick up or delivery with a designated time slot
Offerings: Choose from fresh produce, deli, bakery, frozen, household, pantry staples, organic ingredients and personal care items
Pricing: Walmart Grocery’s delivery fee can vary depending on the size of your order and delivery time, but pickup is free
How To Try It: Download the Walmart Grocery app, or visit the Walmart grocery page online


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