This cosmetic dentist’s smile makeovers are absolute perfection

Just about everyone wants a smile to be proud of. 

Cosmetic dentist Tejas Patel, DDS of Austin Cosmetic Dentistry is all about that smile makeover. On TikTok, Patel gives his followers insight into how cosmetic dentistry works, and how a new smile can improve your self-esteem.

On Patel’s account, there’s info on veneers and dental methods, plus heartwarming videos of patients reacting to their new smiles.

In one clip, Patel shows how he meticulously installs bottom veneers by hand. Each pearly white porcelain veneer covers a misshapen, yellow tooth. It’s very satisfying to watch.

In another, the dentist shows how smile imaging works. Patel uses a special program to allow patients to see what they would look like with perfect teeth. With the swipe of a finger on a touchscreen, Patel is able to show one woman with yellow, crooked teeth how she would look with perfectly aligned pearly whites.

Back in May, Patel shared a client’s dental implant makeover. The man apparently got three of his teeth knocked out and therefore required implants.

During his first visit, the patient gets implants put in. These are artificial tooth roots that essentially “screw” into your jawbone and become a sturdy base for the new teeth. The implants look like tiny bits of straw protruding from the man’s mouth.

Three months later, the patient returns to get his permanent porcelain implants. Once placed in his mouth, the porcelain teeth look like they’ve been there all along. Each tooth perfectly matches the man’s real teeth in shape, size and color. 

Patel’s masterful work just goes to show that a nice smile can go a long way in making people feel good about themselves.

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