This Dentist’s 60-Second Hack to Make Your Face Mask Fit Better Is Going Viral

When 2020 began, most Americans likely didn’t anticipate a reality in which we’d all be wearing (or should be wearing!) a face mask while out in public. But that’s the reality of life in the age of coronavirus. In some cities and counties, face masks are required in any place where you are not able to safely social distance. 

The facial coverings are, of course, recommended by the CDC to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, but anyone who’s attempted to wear a surgical mask can tell you that they don’t always fits properly. Enter dentist Olivia Cuid, who shared a 60-second mask hack on her TikTok that is now going viral. 

In the clip, Cuid shows you how to take a standard surgical mask and make it fit your face better—and it’s pretty fantastic. The video has already racked up over 400,000 views for good reason. “In absence of N95s, this might be a good alternative,” she says, also noting this trick is great for those with smaller faces.

So here’s what you need to do (and you can try this with your cloth masks too): 

  • First, fold your mask in half.

  • Next, tie a knot using the ear loops on each side, staying as close you can to the mask.

  • Open the mask.

  • You’ll see a little opening on the sides next to the ear loop, which you’ll then tuck in.

  • Then put your mask on and see how much closer to your face it fits.

Watch Dr. Cuid demonstrate and you’ll see just how easy it is. 

Katie Couric shared the clip on her Instagram feed. “Ask and you shall receive! I posted this on my Stories earlier but so many of you asked that I post it here as well.😊😷 Thank you @tt_cui for sharing this easy tutorial for how to make a loose mask fit securely on your face!” she wrote in the caption. Her post was later regrammed by Kristen Bell. 

Thanks, Dr. Cuid! We can’t wait to try out this face mask hack. PS: Here’s exactly where you can buy face masks now online.

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