What is a gender test?

What is a gender test?

Many parents want to know soon what the gender of their baby will be. Most parents do not want to wait for the delivery and look for other ways. Often you only find out the gender after delivery or at the 20-week ultrasound. At the 20-week ultrasound, they not only look at the gender, but especially at certain physical abnormalities. If the gender cannot be seen during this ultrasound, the doctor will not look any further. This means that you often have to wait until after the birth and this is of course annoying. Fortunately, you can also do a gender test and this can often be done very early in pregnancy. But what does it involve exactly? In this article we will elaborate on this, so you will learn more about it.

How does a gender test work?

A gender test can be performed by almost anyone who is pregnant. It is important that you only do this when you are at least 8 weeks pregnant. Only in this way are you sure of the result. Once you have ordered the gender test online and received it at home, you can start the testing. You have to take samples and the samples have to be sent to the lab. Here the samples are further examined and the sex of the baby is determined. The result is always sent to your home in an anonymous letter for you to open. Some people save the gender test result for a big celebration, such as a gender reveal party. If it turns out that the gender test didn’t work and your child is a different gender, you can always get your money back. This is because the provider offers a guarantee on the products and is sure that they work.

Gender reveal party

Anno 2022 the gender reveal party is very popular and many parents choose this. By doing a gender test they already know exactly what gender the baby is and they can use this to hold a gender reveal party. You know the movies with balloons with a blue color, or of course a pink color. Many people like gender reveal parties and this is therefore also a reason to buy a gender test. On the internet you can find inspiration for the different parties you can hold.