A timeline of every COVID-19 case in Canada throughout May 1-15

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As cases of COVID-19 continue to spread around the world, Canadians are increasingly concerned about their health and safety.

Authorities in Canada are working to contain the spread of COVID-19, which the World Health Organization deemed a pandemic in mid-March.

This is a timeline of cases from May 1-15. For the latest news on cases around the nation, you can find them here. For a breakdown of cases from throughout April, you can read here.

Chief medical officer of health Dr. Deena Hinshaw reported four more deaths, all in Calgary continuing care facilities, increasing the province’s death toll to 125. 

Fifty-eight new cases were also recorded in the last 24 hours, in which the province completed 4,505 tests for the respiratory virus. It brings Alberta’s total case count to 6,515. That includes 5,317 people who have recovered, an increase of 112 since Thursday’s update. 

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Out of work in Charlotte because of COVID-19? Here are 5 ways to make money online

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The closure of businesses due to COVID-19 has impacted jobs and forced many out of work. Whether you are looking for supplemental income to make up for lost hours or for full-time employment, there are some options available online.

“I have been able to transition to working from home full time because of all of the opportunities to teach students English online,” said Charlottean Adalee Raubenheimer, who has been teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) from home for the past couple of years.

“Though the larger companies are often based in China, I also teach Turkish, Russian, Polish and Vietnamese students. There are many resources and videos online to help you get started. Personally, I’ve found that Qkids is one of the most flexible and beginner-friendly options.”

Whether teaching a language calls your name or if you’d rather focus on graphic design, tutoring or even taking surveys, here are

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Universities’ move online ‘must be done the right way’

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Harry Ashworth should be in the final term of his first year at Oxford University, studying music.

Instead he is stuck at his parents’ house in south London hunched over a laptop, listening to lectures via Zoom.

He doesn’t feel that the sudden and dramatic change in circumstances has affected his learning too much, but he is missing some aspects of university life.

“I am in a jazz orchestra and that isn’t really happening now. And I would have been playing at the summer balls, so there are social events that I’ve missed.”

Some of his more practical lessons have also been curtailed.

Academically he feels less motivated “which makes me less stressed but also flatter”.

“Psychologically when you are at home it is different. When I am in my tutor’s office I feel a bit more inspired.”

Students are getting used to working from home.
Students are getting used to working from home.

Along with students around

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Why home fitness will never replace gyms

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Juliana Campos is a Brazilian London-based fitness expert and personal trainer, who has previously worked as the Abu Dhabi royal family’s exercise coach.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced more people to partake in home workouts, whether as a replacement for those all-important steps, to start a fitness journey they’ve previously not had time for, or as a way of remaining relatively sane during lockdown. Whatever reason people have been working out for, it’s been helping to keep the nation fit, both physically and mentally, during one of the most stressful periods in modern history.

Of course, home fitness isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s been a fixture in many households for decades, with Lycra-clad stars like Jane Fonda and Olivia Newton-John shimmying across our screens in their leg warmers in the 80s. Mr. Motivator (also lycra-clad) took over the indoor fitness baton in the 90s, while in the 00s, workout DVDs

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Don’t let online education turn into the next crisis that hits people of color hardest

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When historians look back at 2020, they might see some important lessons about how problems become really big problems when left to fester. 

First, COVID-19 shut down the American economy and killed over 112,000 Americans — disproportionately African American — because we failed to establish the proper public health response early to address it. 

Then, intense national protests erupted in every major city because of our persistent inability to address systemic racism, which manifested itself this time in the brutal police killing of George Floyd.

Problems don’t go away if we try to sweep them under the rug. They just get worse.

Another crisis now looms. Since tens of millions of Americans began sheltering in place in March, the nation’s schools have switched to remote learning. Many teachers, students and parents were unprepared for distance learning, which could become a permanent fixture of education. And once again, communities of color

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100 Ways To Make Money Without a 9-to-5

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Due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, many people have lost work hours or been laid off. As people struggle to figure out how to supplement their income, picking up a side job to make a few extra bucks might be helpful. While not all of these gigs may be possible due to certain social distancing guidelines, these 100 ways to increase your income might help now — or for ones that require more social interaction, you can do them later to help boost your income.

Taking online surveys is one of the easiest ways to earn extra money. And plenty of companies are looking for consumer feedback to improve their products or develop new ones.

Brands hire survey sites to conduct online questionnaires on their behalf, gaining access to precious customer feedback. The sites, in turn, pay you for participating in their surveys. If you really want to rake in … Read More

The do’s and don’ts of launching a side hustle to supplement your income

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Whether you want to supplement your main income or you’re gearing up to start your own side hustle, looking for ways to make some extra cash is not only smart but also easier than you might think.

You don’t always have to start off with a long-term business plan in mind — although it’s obviously totally fine if you — but there are certain things you need to consider before you launch yourself into the freelance world.

Here are seven easy-to-follow steps to help you do just that.

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Your day job dictates everything

If your day job is your main source of income, it’s important to acknowledge that and make sure your performance doesn’t suffer once you’ve launched your side hustle.

You need to be realistic about what your current employer, or clients, require from you

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The Best Online Grocery Delivery Services To Have On Hand

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It's good to have these online grocery shopping services on hand for when you can't make it to the store in a pinch. (Photo: vgajic via Getty Images)
It’s good to have these online grocery shopping services on hand for when you can’t make it to the store in a pinch. (Photo: vgajic via Getty Images)

The grocery store anxiety is real, even on a typical day. It can be incredibly stressful trying to push the cart with one hand and read your shopping list with the other — all the while trying to navigate your way through the small, crowded aisles.

It can be even worse if you’re not able to find exactly what you need when you need it, and you have to resort to alternatives (bidets, anyone?).

Still, keeping some food in your fridge, freezer and pantry is necessary, whether or not you’re grocery shopping for a quarantine. No matter how much of a devout takeout

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Does living in New York make any financial sense after this pandemic?

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I have long known that much of my life’s frustrations come from trying to have it both ways. Though they were made available to me, I shunned more traditional and more stable careers. Instead, I have continued, time and again, to try to be a writer, knowing full well this is not a stable choice. I simultaneously hoped for and attempted to create a stable life for our kids. I continued to attempt to perpetuate the illusion that I live the kind of life that people with more traditional jobs are able to afford – we kept living in New York, with two kids, kept trying to have health insurance and sometimes go to the dentist, kept trying to send our children to good public schools and summer camps.


I wanted, in other words, to both be a writer and to live a life that cannot be sustained on

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How will dentist appointments in the UK change on 8 June?

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Dental practices in the UK can reopen from 8 June if they put in place appropriate safety measures, Prime Minister Boris Johnson says.

When will dentists reopen in the UK?

Dental practises in the UK will be allowed to reopen from 8 June.

In a letter to practices, NHS England’s chief dental officer Sara Hurley said: ‘We are asking that all dental practices commence opening from Monday, 8 June for all face-to-face care, where practices assess that they have the necessary IPC and PPE requirements in place.’

However, not all practices may reopen on this date. British Dental Association chairman Mick Armstrong said that while dentists would be relieved by the announcement, practices should be allowed to decide for themselves when they are ready to open, based on the availability of personal protective equipment.

‘Dentists can open their doors but won’t be able to provide a full range of care

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