TELEMMGLPICT000228734180.jpeg Social media giants allowed misinformation about coronavirus to spread “virulently” across their platforms because duty of care laws are still not in place to regulate them, MPs say today. The Commons culture committee cited evidence of a range of harms from dangerous hoax treatments and anti-vaccination propaganda to conspiracy […]

The SDC is a test of strength, endurance, and anaerobic capacity, which are needed to accomplish high intensity combat tasks that last from a few seconds to several minutes. Starting positionOn the command “GET SET,” one Soldier in each lane will assume the prone position with the top of the […]

Our former top pick for fitness trackers, the Garmin Vívosport offers onboard GPS in a slim fitness tracker. However, if your aim is to track runs or bike rides seriously, you’re better off with a dedicated GPS running watch. As an all-around fitness tracker, the newer Fitbit Charge 3 outperforms […]

Branch of medicine Dentistry A dentist treats a patient with the help of a dental assistant. Occupation Occupation type Profession Activity sectors Health care, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Medicine, Pharmacology, Cosmesis, Surgery Description Competencies Sub-Millimeter Surgical Dexterity Knowledge of human health, disease, pathology, and anatomy Communication/Interpersonal Skills Analytical Skills Critical Thinking […]