Focus on the family: How the War on Drugs destroyed America’s foster care system

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For those who have no experience with child protective services, the state foster system often brings to mind thoughts of wrongs righted, children saved, and love persevering.

Unfortunately, that’s too often not the case.

A recent report reveals how the state foster system acts as a secondary criminal justice system, one that targets cannabis consumers—and even medical marijuana patients.

A recent report reveals how the state foster system acts as a secondary criminal justice system—and uses drug allegations, including cannabis use, as a pretext to rip children away from their parents.

The 174-page report, “How the Foster System Has Become Ground Zero for the U.S. Drug War,” was produced by a coalition of social justice organizations, including the Movement for Family Power, the NYU Family Defense Clinic, and the Drug Policy Alliance.

States kidnap the children of medical marijuana patients

Recent years have seen infamous examples of children forcibly removed

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This Iraqi Dentist Is Mapping Tumors And Fighting For Gender Equality

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Iraq’s Osamah Ridha Alwash may only be 25 years of age, but he has already helped map tumors across his home province and has also advocated for gender equality during Iraq’s peace-building process.

Alwash, a practicing dentist and President of the Babylon Toastmasters club, says he focuses on being a leader, peace-builder, and advocate for youth engagement, political participation and peace. He says that among his many projects, he’s helped to map the incidence of cancers in Babil Governorate, Iraq.

“The objective was to map tumor cases in my province and all its related administrative subdivision, both malignant and benign,” he said, “then we sorted that data by type of tumor, stage of tumor when detected, recovery etc. then we calculated susceptibility, rate of incidence, and projected case prognosis by area,” he said.

Alwash said that

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FDA Rejects Oleandrin As a Supplement

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A Pink Oleander Flower Growing on the Caribbean Island of Antigua

Silver Spring, MD—FDA has rejected Oleandrin as a supplement on the grounds that it has been studied as a drug, according to a letter from FDA.

Phoenix Biotechnology Inc. submitted Oleandrin as a dietary supplement ingredient on June 2. The extract comes from the Nerium oleander plant, which is highly toxic. In August, President Trump and the creator of MyPillow Mike Lindell participated in a meeting floating the use of Oleandrin for coronavirus; at the time, organizations including the American Botanical Council (ABC) and the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) discouraged the use of oleander, noting its extreme toxicity. ABC Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal said in a statement: “With respect to oleander, all parts of the plant are highly toxic, dangerous, and life-threatening when ingested. Consumers should not, ever, try to make a homemade remedy from or self-treat with oleander.”

While FDA rejected Oleandrin on the grounds

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