Garmin vs Fitbit: how to pick the right fitness tracker for you

Fitbit and Garmin are two of the biggest names in the fitness tracker and smartwatch business. Especially if you care about keeping a closer eye on your health and fitness.

Garmin has been around longer, making sports watches that over time have evolved to behave more like smartwatches in recent years. So you can start paying your way or listening to music without having your phone nearby.

Fitbit arrived on the scene after Garmin and started with fitness trackers before adding smartwatches to its collection of wearables. Fitness tracking remains at the core of what it does, but it’s now exploring how it can better monitor your health and activities like running and swimming.

Both offer a variety of different models and options, making it hard to work out which one is actually the best fit for you. That’s why we’ve pulled together this guide to help make that decision

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