Xinjiang govt forces unproven medicine on people in lockdown

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When police arrested the middle-aged Uighur woman at the height of China’s coronavirus outbreak, she was crammed into a cell with dozens of other women in a detention center.

There, she said, she was forced to drink a medicine that made her feel weak and nauseous, guards watching as she gulped. She and the others also had to strip naked once a week and cover their faces as guards hosed them and their cells down with disinfectant “like firemen,” she said.

“It was scalding,” recounted the woman by phone from Xinjiang, declining to be named out of fear of retribution. “My hands were ruined, my skin was peeling.”

The government in China’s far northwest Xinjiang region is resorting to draconian measures to combat the coronavirus, including physically locking residents in homes, imposing quarantines of more than 40 days and arresting those who do not comply.

Furthermore, in what experts call

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FAA Chart Supplement Modernization Program Underway

Sat, Aug 15, 2020

Aeronautical Information and Notice to Airmen Modernization Initiative Is Underway

The FAA says that their Aeronautical Information and Notice to Airmen Modernization initiative is underway and users of the Chart Supplement series will see improvements.

The Chart Supplement is a nine volume civil flight information publication updated every eight weeks by the Air Traffic Organization. It is designed for use with aeronautical charts covering the United States and its territories. Chart Supplements contain airport facility information, airport diagrams and sketches, as well as numerous notices and alerts.

The Alerts and Notices section of the Chart Supplement contains hundreds of various types of entries related to National Airspace System (NAS) operations, procedures and special situations.

FAA lines of business and stakeholders are working to improve the Chart Supplement. These improvements will provide significant benefits to the NAS. The Chart Supplement Revision Plan will eliminate redundant, duplicative and

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