How Virtual Reality Is Reshaping The Future Of Home Fitness

Designed specifically for Oculus Quest, and paired with your smartphone, Supernatural provides users with the intimacy and guidance of expertly coached, one-on-one daily workouts, detailed fitness tracking, an expansive catalog of popular music and—thanks to the fully immersive nature of VR— a chance to exercise in the world’s most beautiful locations without ever leaving home.

“What we know is that thousands of people are succeeding in their fitness goals for the very first time, by seamlessly incorporating Supernatural into their homes and discovering a routine they look forward to day after day,” says CEO and co-founder Chris Milk. “These experiences illustrate the value of a tool that taps into a person’s inner strength to release the joy that only physical movement can bring. If we can keep you smiling while you sweat, we believe we can also reshape your entire fitness perspective. The most exciting part is that this is only the beginning.”

Technology to Change Habits and Transform Lives
In June, as much of the country was asked shelter in place and gyms remained closed, Supernatural called on its community to share their fitness journeys—the individual struggles and discoveries that helped them achieve what they thought was impossible: Exercise that possesses the emotional thrill of an adventure, while requiring the satisfying physical acumen of a sport. A fitness routine that uses the revolutionary power of VR to leave its members joyful, inspired and headed towards the best shape of their lives.

Chelsea Bonilla wouldn’t push herself in her workouts because her mind kept telling her to quit. She was overly stressed and Zoomed to death–it was affecting her health. And then she discovered Supernatural:

“This girl. Mother of three, who never worked out two days strung together, powered through 60 consecutive days of Supernatural! Thanks to this fitness app, the coaches, and the daily workouts, I’ve discovered myself smiling through workouts, sweating more than I ever have, and pushing myself further than I thought possible!”

Anshel Sag contracted Covid-19 in March. He was sick for three weeks, and spent nine days in the hospital. When he was released, he found he had lost nearly 20 pounds, much of it muscle. More troubling, his heart was damaged, resulting in a rapid heart rate that made him fear a heart attack. He began experimenting with Supernatural and now credits the service with jump starting his full recovery.

“Supernatural gave me a full body workout unlike any of the other solutions I’ve tried, with exercises that helped me rebuild my leg, arm, shoulder and core muscles…Between that and eating healthy, I was able to rebuild my heart and muscle and regain a lot of the weight I lost due to Covid-19. In fact, after working out almost every day for almost the last 3 months, my heart is now stronger than it was before Covid-19.”

Kat Zdan began using Supernatural after a series of events threw her life out of balance. After losing her mother, herniating a disc, and enduring a series of miscarriages, Kat no longer felt at home in her body. Just as she was starting to regain her athleticism, the pandemic hit and closed her off from the outdoors. Then, for her birthday, her husband bought her an Oculus Quest and she got set up with Supernatural:

My first workouts were the first time in YEARS that I had been sweating, panting, and SMILING. Because I am able to do it in my own home, on my own terms, working with my own strengths and limitations, I am able to push myself further than I have since before my injury. I can’t control the world, but Supernatural has created a joyous environment in which I can control how I treat myself and take care of my body. I am finally feeling proud, and strong, and like my body is beautiful and a joyous, wonderful place to be.”

After being diagnosed with a degenerative disc disease and a slew of other nerve-related issues,  48-year-old Amy Seto knew she had to get into better shape in order to keep up with her three sons, ages 10, 15 and 17. She began using Supernatural in a quest to to stay pain-free without surgery, conquer health-related depression and lose weight.

“Since I started my Supernatural journey I am officially 12 pounds lighter and feel more positive than ever. The stamina I have built working out up to 2 hours a day on Supernatural has allowed me to start backpacking with my family. This is something I never thought I could achieve in my late 40s!”

Supernatural’s Fitness Journey ran June 15-July 20, 2020. The Top 10 most inspiring stories received a Supernatural accessories kit plus a free 1-year membership to Supernatural. The Winners were shared throughout August and into September in the Supernatural Facebook group, an all-inclusive community which invites members to share their individual stories, offer tips and encouragement and interact with Supernatural’s coaching team.

An Expanded Suite of Membership Benefits: Introducing Profiles, Meditation and Quick Hits
Supernatural, much like virtual reality itself, is in a constant state of evolution. In addition to standard features, like personalized, intelligent workouts released daily, and a growing team of coaches, the service has recently shared an expanded suite of fitness offerings, including stretching, guided meditations and more:

  • Themed Workouts: Feel like you’re conducting an orchestra, taking center stage during a rock concert, or time-warping back to a Prom Night from the 80s with themed workouts that pair the best of virtual reality with all the joy, inspiration and technique provided in every Supernatural workout.
  • Multiple Profiles: Each Supernatural membership comes with up to three additional profiles at no extra cost, so people can share their membership at home for free.
  • Music-Synced Haptics: Feel your connection to the music with haptic vibrations that pair with sustained music notes and vocals as you move in your Supernatural workout.
  • Quick Hits: Short on time, or need an encore to a longer workout? Quick Hits will help you get a workout in 10 minutes or less.
  • Meditate in Extraordinary Destinations: Open up, breathe, and reconnect during guided meditations while you’re immersed in beautiful places like the foot of Vestrahorn in Iceland, or on the edge of Laguna Torre in Argentina.
  • Stretching: Follow a coach through guided stretches to loosen up and improve flexibility.

Begin Your Supernatural Membership Today 
Supernatural is available for $179 USD annually or $19 month-to-month. Sign up for a 30-day free trial and receive a free, sweat-proof silicone liner to protect your headset*. Membership automatically begins and renews monthly after free trial ends. Cancel at any time. For details visit

About Supernatural
Supernatural began in earnest two years ago when we set about pairing our belief in the transformational potential of VR, with the idea of a daily fitness service that could provide the fun and excitement of competitive athletics without the boredom and repetition associated with traditional exercise routines.

We knew we weren’t alone in our dissatisfaction with many of the existing available gym and in-home fitness choices, like rowing, running and cycling in place, so we set out to create a virtual world that could transport users to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world to engage in heart-thumping, high-intensity workouts that would leave people energized, exhilarated and sweating.

To do this we gathered a team of the most experienced and passionate choreographers, game developers, trainers and physical fitness experts, to create a dynamic, immersive, experience that is always changing, personalized for you, and available on demand, in your home. One thing was more important to us than anything else: we wanted to be able to promise the time of your life working out.

We hope, like us, you will see firsthand the physical and mental benefits it has, whether you do it once a week or everyday.

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